Tips and FAQs

Tips/Best Practices

  • Prior to the installation, ask the consumer if they have ever or recently used a rain repellent. If they have, use a high-quality glass polish to thoroughly clean the glass prior to the application allowing VistaClear Pro to come in direct contact with the glass and bond correctly.
  • Ensure the glass is thoroughly cleaned prior to applying VistaClear Pro glass treatment with Teflon™ brand.
  • Apply to cool glass, out of direct sunlight.
  • Each application (REQUIRES 2 TUBES) to treat one standard windshield. Use one tube on either side of the windshield.
  • Allow the glass to cure for 30 minutes before using windshield wipers.



What cleaner would you recommend be used for the glass?

A streak-free cleaner such as SprayWay or an alcohol-based cleaner is all that’s required. Overall, the best answer is any alcohol-based cleaner will be fine as long as it doesn’t “keep glass cleaner” or have a polymer agent / trade secret / proprietary agent.

Even using simple 70% rubbing alcohol or the like will clean the glass. Avoid any glass cleaner that makes reference to “keeps glass cleaner longer” which may carry ingredients (e.g., rain repellents, polymers or anti-fogging agents) that will interfere with the performance of VistaClear Pro.

Is a cleaner polish required? If NOT used, will it affect the product warranty?

A polish is only required if the customer has had another coating applied recently. Polishing the glass is not required for VistaClear Pro to bond, however if VistaClear Pro is not able to come in to contact with the glass, it will not bond. Installers/technicians simply need to ask the customer if they’ve had any other coating applied recently, and if so, then they should use a polish to remove it.

Are there any cleaners that should be avoided that may negatively react with the product? E.g. Vinegar?

The only things that will damage the coating are anything abrasive (baking soda, hard water remover, etc.) or extreme acids and alkalis that are highly unlikely to come in to contact with a car (things that would strip the paint as well). No solvents such as bleach, acetone, ammonia, alcohol, etc., that will damage the coating.

The micro-fiber towel is recommended but is it a “required” step in the installation with the last step being to buff off any extra material.

Yes, the microfiber buffing is required after application to ensure there isn’t any alcohol haze left on the glass

If I use a paper towel or absorbent rag, the repellent will absorb into it limiting the amount of repellent to apply. What should I use to correctly apply the repellent?

We recommend a Kimberly Clark WypallX70 (41455) or any similar janitorial cloth/wipe will work just fine and not impact the application at all. Simply avoid any thick or absorbent cloths like microfiber cloths, towels, etc. The Wypalls are very inexpensive and can be used multiple times as long as they stay clean and are only used for the application.

What is the highest temperature in which the product can be applied?

The biggest consideration is the temperature of the glass and the interior of the vehicle impacting the application. The application should be done out of direct sunlight and not if the glass is hot to the touch. The alcohol will almost instantly flash off a windshield when extremely hot from sitting in the sun and if the interior of the vehicle may be more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If possible, cool the vehicle cabin first by opening the windows or running the AC.

Can the product be applied to a “wet surface” or should the glass should be dry?

The glass must be dry. The application can be done up until the point it starts to rain, and then must stop. The rain will not impact the already treated sections, but the VistaClear Pro liquid should not come into contact with water.

Do I need to replace my wiper blades when I get VistaClear Pro applied?

Because wiper action is the main cause for rain repellants to wear off, it is recommended you change old wiper blades at the time of application. Older wiper blades can become harder/rigid and cracked over time which can increase abrasion to your windshield and your VistaClearPro treatment.

What is the lowest temperature VistaClear Pro can be applied in? Is there a minimum temperature or relative humidity where the product should NOT be applied that may affect its performance?

Do not do applications below 5 degrees Celsius or 41 degrees Fahrenheit. At colder temperatures, the alcohol will not flash off as much and there may be a higher chance of an alcohol haze left on the windshield. Humidity is not an issue. The higher humidity will help the coating cure faster.

I am interested in applying VistaClear Pro to the rest of the glass on a vehicle. How much surface area will your product cover?

The 2 tubes of VistaClear Pro can be applied to approximately 15 square feet of surface.

It seems that a “ridge” is building at the wiper stop right in front of my view. Water collects and appears to be leaving a line there. What may be causing this?

This line on the glass would be related to an excess of the alcohol carrying agent building up in that line at the end of the wiper travel. This simply happens when residual alcohol remains on the glass after install. This is normally easy to determine. If there is still streaking on the glass after application, this would be the excess that should have been buffed/polished off in the final application step.

To remove this, use any type of alcohol (rubbing, denatured, isopropyl, etc.) dampened on a micro fiber towel or Magic Eraser (best option). “Magic Eraser” can be picked up at most stores including Vons, Home Depot, Lowe’s, ACE, Kroger, and often even convenience stores for roughly $2.00 for a 2 pack.

Process to remove the line:

  • Dampen the Magic Eraser or fiber towel with an alcohol such as rubbing or isopropyl
  • Rub with light to medium pressure for a minute
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry

Again, this removes the excess/residual alcohol left behind from the original application.

Does VistaClear Pro negatively affect a glass repair?

No. Unlike other repellents, VistaClear Pro does not fill-in the imperfections of glass. It is a 2-molecule thick monomer that follows the microscopic peaks and valleys of the glass. Resins can still enter and adhere to the glass substrate and suction cups are still able to perform properly.

When re-applying after 12 months, should the glass be polished to remove the original application of VistaClear Pro, or can we apply right over it?

The coating will not bond to itself so it can be applied to a clean windshield that has a previous VistaClear Pro application to it.You still have to clean it properly to avoid having any road oils or other elements on the glass.If there are hard to remove residues, a polish may absolutely be used.

On a new windshield this procedure may be skipped but for an older windshield that has been exposed to the elements, what polish do you recommend be used on the glass to allow for a proper bond of the repellent?

There is no specific polish required.Any decent glass polish will work –including any cerium oxide-based polish or slightly abrasive material like a baking soda paste.Another example would be to use a high-quality water stain removal product like CRL Bio-clean that will remove trace levels of any prior existing coatings.The key is to make sure that any residue from the polish is fully removed before applying VistaClear Pro.

Any paste-based water spot remover or polish should be great. The following products are acceptable:

  • Bio-Clean (by CRL, white bottle, blue text)
  • A-MAZ
  • Diamond Magic
  • Ettore 30160 Water spot remover paste
  • Mothers 06712 Water Spot Remover
  • DuraGlass Nu-Glass Cleaner polish (755)
  • Griot’s Garage 11017 Glass Polish
Can the product be applied to auto glass at our shop prior to an installation?

We do NOT recommend pre-applying the product. Glass is a structural element of the vehicle and should the repellent come in contact with the installation side of a windshield, it will affect the bonding capability. Even if the glass is masked, primed, or perhaps a non-bonded part, you may run the risk of the coating being damaged during transportation to a mobile job location.

Will suction cups still work without issue to complete a glass chip repair.

Yes. The glass does not become slippery as with other products and the coating does not fill in the microscopic hills and valleys of the glass so suction cups will still adhere to the surface.

Does the product affect a windshield glass “chip” repair that involves adding resins to the glass?

Chip repair after applying the repellent has been widely successful with most repair options. We do not foresee any concerns but recommend you seek confirmation from your resin supplier for your specific repair process.

How long does VistaClear Pro last?

VistaClear Pro lasts for up to 12 months or 12,500 miles.

What are the advantages of a rain repellant?

Rain repellants have been shown in studies to improve visibility while driving in all-weather conditions.

Why choose VistaClear Pro glass treatment with Teflon™ brand protection over other product brands?

Because unlike traditional windshield coatings which need to be regularly reapplied, VistaClear Pro lasts longer. One application can provide up to 1 years’ protection from rain, dirt, and oily road grime on new and old windshields along with improved visibility in wet weather driving conditions.

Does VistaClear Pro help with ice/snow?

Yes. The ultra-durable treatment allows easier removal of snow, ice and frost. This is because it forms a protective barrier on the glass, reducing adhesion of the frozen water particles.

Does VistaClear Pro work in harsh conditions such as heavy mud or high bug concentrations?

VistaClear Pro aides in your wipers ability to more effectively remove windshield buildup such as mud, bugs, and other roadway grime.

What can I use to clean my VistaClear Pro treated windshield?

Any normal windshield wiper fluid is fine. Alternatively, for heavy build up (e.g. excess bugs, extended mud driving conditions, etc.) using a mild detergent like liquid dish soap and a damp microfiber cloth is recommended.

What should I avoid using to clean my VistaClear Pro treated windshield?

Anything acidic, alkali, or abrasive that could potentially scratch the glass such as steel wool, baking soda, hard-water spot remover.

Why is VistaClear Pro more expensive than other do-it-yourself coatings?

VistaClear Pro might at first glance seem to be more expensive, however, due to its longevity, may cost less than other rain repellant products. One application will last up to 12 months where as other products will need to be reapplied multiple times over the same period and end up costing you more in time and money.

Can I use other rain repellants on-top of VistaClear Pro?

You could, however other coatings will mask the effectiveness of VistaClear Pro. Additionally, many other rain repellants will wear off unevenly and could lead to a “streaky” or “hazy” look on your windshield.

How will I know when it is time to have my windshield retreated?

Similar to an oil change, we recommend having VistaClear Pro reapplied 12 months from the initial application date. After 12 months, you can begin to expect to see water not beading off your glass as much as it did during the 12-month period in which it was treated.

Will VistaClear Pro peel, flake, crack, or discolor?

VistaClear Pro uses nano-technology to create a chemical bond with the glass molecule by molecule. Because of this, VistaClear Pro will not peel, flake, crack, discolor or show any other type of visual obscurity.

Can VistaClear Pro be applied to all the glass on my vehicle?

Yes. If you want the same benefits of VistaClear Pro on all your glass, including the lens on your vehicle’s rear facing camera, simply ask your certified applicator.

Why do I notice more fog on my VistaClear Pro windshield in the mornings?

Like all hydrophobic (water repelling coatings) VistaClear Pro repels water and condensation and causes water to bead up – therefore you might see more fog in the morning. However, a simple swipe of your wiper blades will remove the fog quickly and easily so you can be on your way.

Is VistaClear Pro safe?

VistaClear Pro becomes chemically inert after it bonds to the windshield. The only other ingredient is isopropyl alcohol which is used as a carrying agent that evaporates and it will no longer be present after application.

What is the product shelf life?

VistaClear Pro has a lengthy 18-month shelf life.

If the product has an 18-month shelf life and I do an application, say in the 16th month, will it still have the same effectiveness and warranty for up to 12 months or has any of the performance degraded?

Yes, the product will have the same effectiveness at any point within the shelf life. The manufacturer is conservative with the 18-month shelf-life and indicates the product performs well beyond that.

For smaller vehicle windshields where the 2 tubes are designed to cover a larger windshield, does the extra material improve performance or hinder in any way?

The two tubes are meant to treat a full-size windshield. VistaClear Pro does not bond to itself, any extra product will simply be wiped off. The application of additional product will neither improve or hinder the effectiveness.

Would a back-to-back dual application be any better than a single application?

Same as above. You could apply VistaClear Pro to the same windshield every day for a week without any improved effectiveness. The only time it would have additional benefit is if initially it was under-treated or applied incorrectly.

If applied twice, are you inviting issues or other problems?

There is no benefit. It would not lead to problems since the windshield should be buffed with a microfiber after application to remove any excess product.

Is the product environmentally safe if disposed of or as it wears away?

Yes, VistaClear Pro itself becomes chemically inert after application and does not carry any environmentally hazards when it wears off. The isopropyl alcohol that is used as a carrying agent will evaporate after the application. The tubes should be disposed of in the same waste stream as other alcohols. The VistaClear Pro itself becomes chemically inert after application and does not carry any environmental hazards when it wears off.

There are a variety of micro fiber towels out there, some have a higher pile compared to most, does that matter?

Not exactly, but as with all things, a cheaper priced one will be lower quality and not do as good of a job.

Is a cleaner polish required? If NOT used, will it affect the product warranty?

A polish is only required if the customer has had another coating applied recently. Polishing the glass is not required for VistaClear Pro to bond, however if VistaClear Pro is not able to come in to contact with the glass, it will not bond. Installers/technicians simply need to ask the customer if they’ve had any other coating applied recently, and if so, then they should use a polish to remove it.

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