VistaClear Pro Application Process

Step 1:
Before installing VistaClear Pro™, ensure the windshield is thoroughly cleaned. Contaminants on older windshields or previously coated products will inhibit the performance of VistaClear Pro™. It is recommended that you use a high-quality glass polish to thoroughly clean the glass prior to the application allowing VistaClear Pro™ to come in direct contact with the glass and bond correctly.

Step 2:
Clean the glass. A streak free glass cleaner specifically labeled for automotive use is better than an ordinary household glass cleaner. Make sure to clean underneath the wiper blades—then buff the glass with a clean towel or lint free wipe until completely dry and all streaks are removed.

Step 3:
Apply the product out of direct sunlight to cool glass. Remove the secure, twist off top and squeeze the contents applying the liquid to a lint-free paper towel or wipe. Do this over the windshield so that any excess product will fall on to the glass. DO NOT USE A CLOTH OR MICRO FIBER TOWEL TO APPLY THE PRODUCT. Wipe in a side-to-side (Fig.1), then up and down motion (Fig.2), over one half of the windshield 2-3 times. Be careful not to miss any corners of the windshield. Use the entire contents of the tube for each half.

Step 4:
Move to the opposite side of the windshield, and apply the contents of the second tube to the dry side of the wipe being used. Repeat Step 3 ensuring a slight overlap of the previous section.

Step 5:
Thoroughly buff the surface with a high-quality microfiber cloth removing any streaking or hazing. Allow the glass to cure for 30 minutes before using your windshield wipers. High quality wiper blades are recommended for maximum durability and performance. VistaClear Pro™ does not replace the requirement for wiper blades.

Buy VistaClear Pro

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