Improved clarity, increased visibility.

VistaClear Pro glass treatment by Carlex with Teflon™ brand protection is not just an all-weather repellent for your windshield. It’s a long-lasting glass treatment, brought to you by the Carlex and Teflon™ brands, that repels rain, snow, mud, road grime and bugs, and even improves your visibility under wet driving conditions.

With a single application, VistaClear Pro improves windshield visibility in multiple ways:

  • Forms a durable, clear, long-lasting, protective barrier on glass
  • Repels rain and provides easy removal of snow, ice, insects, dirt, road oils, road grime and more
  • Reduces wiper smearing
  • Protects against water marks
  • Keeps glass cleaner, longer

Buy VistaClear Pro

  1. Contact a Carlex sales representative if you have not already. Call us at: 1-877-377-4527
  2. Fill out the online form below to establish an account. (You will receive an e-mail confirmation)
  3. To make a purchase we MUST have your business license number and tax exempt documentation.
  4. When we have ALL of your information, you will receive an e-mail confirmation; “Thank you – YOU MAY NOW PLACE YOUR ORDER!”
  5. Then place your order. VistaClear PRO is sold in boxes of 25 applications ONLY. Just tell us the number of boxes you would like.
  6. You will also receive an order confirmation.

If you have any questions you may also call 734-634-8945.